What We Believe

“What We Believe” … About Helping Residential Solar Installers Get More Leads, Build Better Referral Relationships, and Make More Sales:

We believe in straight talk, proven results, and knowing your marketing numbers.

We believe you should NEVER risk your business, your retirement, or your family’s security … depending on a single lead source, or lead generation method.

We believe when you combine targeted & coordinated direct mail, social media, and automated relationship campaigns, YOU become the “Dominant Go-To Resource” for the neighborhood, developing EXCLUSIVE leads and long term profitable referral relationships … even before you make a quote.

We believe that “Laser Focused Neighborhood Campaigns,” (that you can test for a couple of hundred bucks) will always out perform “Hope Marketing.”

We believe in Automated Relationship Building Systems because your prospects deserve to meet your best employee on their best day. You MUST protect your investment in every lead you get.

We believe millions of people are waiting for solar answers … and YOU can be their “Solar Answer Man!” All the technical talk in the world will NEVER make a prospect trust you … unless you can combine it with “Common Sense Explanations” a prospect’s family can understand and talk about at the dinner table.

We believe the more times you “touch and interact with your prospects”, answering their questions and building “trusting relationships” the more likely your company will be their first choice … even if you don’t have the lowest bid.

We believe that when you wait for prospects to self educate themselves about solar, and you ONLY enter their conversations & minds at the “bid stage”, you’re NOT a solution, you’re just a price, and you’re destroying your chance for profitable referrals.

We believe many installers make the mistake of selling solar like they are selling “Magic Beans” in a fairy tale, making promises and asking prospects to buy on FAITH, forgetting that your prospect can’t really see solar work for their benefit, touch it, try it on, or take it for a test drive … until they buy it(It’s no wonder it takes the average family 8-9 months of self-study, Googling, and self education to request a bid.)