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The residential solar sales game is going to be a bit more challenging this coming year, but the core strength is there; people are ready for solar and those of us who double down on new business marketing will survive and prosper, those who fail to do that will wither.

As lead costs continue to climb and consumers continue to push back against old school sales tactics, the understanding of Neighborhood Marketing is more critical than ever.

Residential Solar Sales Outlook: More Challenges / More Profits

Small and mid-sized installers are poised for a good sales year as homeowners reject national strategies from large installers and turn their focus to buying local from a trusted neighbor, a member of the community who has expert knowledge and a solid track record. Homeowners are turning towards you. Are you ready to capitalize on that?

Winning with the Buy Local / Shop Small Business movement

As a trusted local solar company, you’re in a very unique position; as the go-to expert in the neighborhood you are able to maximize referrals, create your own leads and be a source of learning and education as your customers friends turn into your very warm leads.

We Believe that once you have a handle on you’re marketing, you’re in control of that part of your business and never dependent on outside agencies, SEO or web guys. As an expert, you’re educating consumers, capturing leads, building relationships automatically and closing deals.

Marketing has changed, it’s getting simpler. When you have several independent lead sources your business becomes more secure and a prime source of leads that can be grown rapidly are the leads in the best neighborhoods, person to person, friend to friend.

Solar Marketing Strategies for Residential Sales

We work with solar installers to clarify their message using our Local, Trusted Advisor framework, making is an easier, shorter sales cycle. Many residential solar marketing strategies work, you need the ones that work for you and are easy to consistently implement. We create marketing materials that get into the hands and homes of your most likely customers simply and inexpensively. We work together to create lead generating PDF and videos that collect emails and then create the email campaigns and sales letters that get results.

Over the course of several weeks or a few months we get our clients to maximize their existing testimonials and leverage their great customers service into tons of new ones and then we custom create a nurturing campaign that takes them along the path from curiosity, to learning, to understanding the value of solar and right through the install.

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