Here’s some food for thought; we are off on a fresh start with a new year, the perfect time to look ahead and look for fresh approaches. No matter if easy year was ‘great’ or kinda ‘crumby’, today is a day to realize that 2018 holds a lot of new cookies for us 🙂

The year end & begin process for many involves a bit of retrospection, personally and in business. I can share your pain if you came up a few pounds short in the weight loss commitment – and I hear your frustration about marketing and lead challenges, we see it all the time; business owners focused on running their business and taking care of their current customers, but those same folks sometimes drop the ball in their efforts to keep the sales funnel full of fresh prospects.

Instead of getting caught up in a mild panic or rush to “Do Something”, I encourage you to take some time and get clear about what your objectives are and what has to happen for you to hit the goals. Many solar installers are stuck in the dreaded “Red Zone” of marketing; doing what the competition is doing, being where they are, competing for page one of Google, spending money on ad words and calling the same expensive, non-exclusive leads as five other guys.

The Red Zone sucks. Leave it behind in 2017!

The “Blue Zone” of marketing is a much better place; you stand out in your field, you are doing educational marketing designed to build a relationship with prospects, helping them to make the right decision, while being respectful of their process.

If you want to do new things, meet new people, attract new prospects and make a whole bunch of new sales, then you need a plan. You need a track to run on, you don’t want to understand every little thing about marketing and advertising; you don’t need minutia, you need results. You need a system, something that you can install in your business, easily learn how to work and something that consistently does what you need; produces highly qualified leads that convert into new customers.

You owe it to yourself to take a look at the new “Neighborhood Domination System” – it’s a laser targeted neighborhood marketing system, specifically for solar installers, that will enable you to get the best leads from the best neighborhoods through straight forward marketing and simple, effective referral generators. We’ve put together our new repot – it will give you an inside look at this system and a whole lot of actionable sales tactics that you can put into action right away.

Grab a copy below (it’s free!) and then give me a call to answer any questions, come up with a few ideas you can put to work right away to make you money! Download below and feel free to call (my cell is 407.405.3500 – in California) – Enjoy! / Talk Soon!

– Mike Wolpert

Local Solar Marketing System

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Discover how to create a continous flow of leads and endless referrals from all the right neighborhoods. Stop doing what evetybody else is doing and take control of your SALES!

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