Our prospects want to know about solar and how it will improve their lives. If we tell them stories, they
listen. If we just give them data, they only pretend to listen. It seems we like to make ‘logical’ decisions but
in reality, we make emotional decisions and then look for some logic to back it up (in fact, this study from NERL points out that of the Top 10 reasons people buy Solar, logic doesn’t show up until #7).

As humans, we communicate through story, we build relationships through story. As you develop our business storytelling skills, you’ll discover that people are drawn to you because of the solar story you tell.

Here are 3 basic (but critical) stories you need to tell as part of your sales process.

First – You. Start with You. You sell solar power, sure, but more importantly; ‘why do you do it’?

The story about your passion for solar is what drives you, a discovery you’ve made, an Ah-Ha! moment you’ve had. You’re in the solar business for many reasons; it may be to change the world, it may be to make a difference in each customers life, one install at a time.

The story about you that answers the question “Why?” draws people in, gives them a more intimate look at who you are and makes doing business with you more appealing and natural. To get that story started, you may want to finish the sentence; I love selling residential solar because ___ – and let it flow right out.

Second – Them. The best stories are about your customers and their experience of what you’ve done for them. This allows you to put the focus on what the customers feel is and they begin to imagine what it could be like for them, as soon as you do that, they begin to think like a customer.

Very few people actually care how happy you are to sell solar power, but people do care how happy other real-life customers are to buy it because they can relate. The more you get your prospects to relate to the good feelings and value you impart to your customers, the more likely they will choose to do business with you.

This is the opposite of “What’s in it for ME?” – this is “What’s in it for THEM”, the more you show you care about your customers, the more customers you will have.

Third – What sets you apart? This is the story about the stuff, about the systems sell. What is it that makes you the right choice to do business with? Residential solar is more than a commodity, you provide something else – what’s your edge?

As you tell the “Story of your stuff” always bring it back home, bring it back to “What’s in it for THEM?”

These three story types serve as a basic track for you to run on, they give you a place to start. Most of our clients and students quickly discover that story marketing for solar is transformational in making them more approachable and more relatable through their marketing. They also discover that all it takes to get good at it is a little practice. We humans are natural storytellers and story is so powerful for the audience because we are hardwired for story. We like stories, we like they way they make us feel and we like the people who tell them.

Go have some fun, tell some stories about what you do and why it matters to them. I look forward to hearing or your results. Tweet them to @SolarMktgGuys and we’ll share them!