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Local Solar Marketing System

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Marketing Solutions for Residential Solar Installers

Home Solar Sales; Right in the Neighborhood

Author: Mike Wolpert The residential solar sales game is going to be a bit more challenging this coming year, but the core strength is there; people are ready for solar and those of us who double down on new business marketing will survive and prosper, those who fail...

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Top 5 Strategies for Local Solar Marketing

The residential solar market is going through a great transformation right now; in the US, we are moving from the “Early Adopters” to the “Early Majority”. That’s a double edged sword, some bad news and a lot of good news. The easy money is pretty much gone, the folks...

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Live: Jon Semingson & Scott Sullivan @ InterSOLAR

CEO of Peak Demand, renewable energy recruiting company.  Placing professionals in all aspects of renewable energy.  Jon and his team work with technical, sales, marketing and C-Level professionals.  He also talks about how technology has changed the recruiting...

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We believe…

  • You don’t have to struggle to fill your sales funnel
  • The opportunity in residential solar sales if bigger this year then last
  • The easy money is gone now and only the strong marketers and sellers will survive
  • That customer focused marketing makes you strong
  • You can create the exclusive leads and referrals that make you strong
  • Marketing your business can be easy, personable and effective
  • Your happy customers, handled right, can provide you with a fresh stream of leads for months, even years
  • The same core values that got you into the solar business can attract new prospects, effortlessly
  • Building relationships with prospects based on education and inspiration will generate revenue long after the initial sale
  • That if you have the desire to improve, an expert can teach you enough in one day to change the trajectory of your business for years

We believe in straight talk and real marketing

Profitable Marketing Tools for Solar Installers

The 4 Questions Every Solar Installer MUST Answer:

1. WHO do you serve?

2. What VALUE do you bring them?

3. How do you ARTICULATE that value clearly, so it creates a desire that inspires action?

4. How do you create LEADS so you get new customers consistently and predictably?

(Need Help With #4? We’ve Got Your Back)

Are you sick and tired of:

  • Not being able to keep your sales funnel full of qualified solar prospects?
  • Bidding for leads that don’t convert?
  • Buying non-exclusive leads that put you in direct competition with your local competitors?
  • Wasting money on websites & social media that NEVER pays for itself?
  • Not being appreciated as the solar authority – in your area.
  • Losing deal after deal – to low ball pricing, and unethical promises made by “part-time” installers?
  • Not having your own list of “pre-qualified” buyers – who are really looking to buy in the next 60-90 days?